Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kate Shaw at Sullivan + Strumpf - 2 November

Kate Shaw has her opening on the Thursday night but we managed to sneak in on Tuesday for a look see. Sullivan + Strumpf is one of big lamington's favourite galleries and the Mrs is quite keen on Kate's work so things were looking good.

We had seen a documentary on Kate's landscapes as part of a show on the Wynne prize so were familiar with how she works. Which is to say she does these paint pours on paper, then cuts all these colourful shapes out and makes collage landscapes and then encases them in resin.

Despite being in early there were a few pieces that had sold. Thankfully for me the triptych that the Mrs liked the look of (1/3 of it is pictured on the top left). This was also the top priced item at $11.5k. I liked the look of Canyonlands which was one of the cheaper ones at $1,800 and would have been happy to add Neuron to the collection. This was a mid sized piece that had a tree shape and moon against a sky, the gallery used it on the card that announced the exhibition and again, reasonably priced at $2,200. Other favourites were El Dorado and an intriguing video work.

All in all a solid show and whilst there were some pieces we liked there wasn't one that was an immediate absolute must have for us. That said, we will be putting ourselves on the list for her next show to see if we can't find the right one for us. Keep up the good work Kate. It will be interesting to go back on the weekend to see how the exhibition is selling.

Points: 3 - projected futures, top price and strongest work although we would have been happy to turn it into a diptych by buying the left part. 2 - Glitter Gulch, 1 - Neuron.

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