Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Summer Feast at Iain Dawson Gallery - 12 January

It's a slow art start to 2011 in commercial gallery land and quite rightly too as I am still on holiday and am not sure I'd want my solo show in early January. Iain Dawson has pulled together a group show to keep the walls full and there is so much art he's calling it the "Summer Feast".

A quick scan around the main room caused a momentary pause. Where is the floor sheet? But then I noticed a great touch - prices on the wall. I liked it. My top picks from the main room were Natasha Cordasic's tapestry of pride and shame (pictured above) which was enamel on aluminium (there were a couple of these, quite big and striking which it would want to be at $6.5k) and Alun Rhys Jones' yellow portrait which looked really familiar - this was the same work I had seen in the National Art School honours year student exhibition - gee I should have bought there before the gallery price rise!

Iain himself was on deck on a quiet Wednesday and was a pleasure to meet and talk to. It is always interesting to speak to the gallerists about their work and more so given Iain is a minor celebrity over here at Big Lamington given that he has been featured in our favourite magazine (Monocle) and was one of the guests when Tyler Brule taped his weekly podcast in Sydney last year.

Points - 3 to Iain, an interesting and passionate gallerist and we'll be back to see what he puts on for 2011; 2 to Natasha for the large aluminiums and 1 for Alun - go the NAS alum.

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