Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paulsen collection tour - 15 March

MCA Board member Lisa Paulsen graciously opened her home to a young ambassador function and yours truly was there to have a good old fashioned squizzy around. It was pretty impressive (both house and collection). The house is chock a block full of interesting pieces with artworks tucked into nearly every nook and cranny, so much so that the family has had a very thick bound guide produced for their own collection. We didn't need to refer to the guide as Lisa took us around for personal tour (which I needed as you don't find many labels on art in private homes).

We started in the main living room where Lisa gave a little talk and even handed out 2 lucky door prizes. Some lucky punter was able to walk away with little piece of art by a recent NAS grad. One of the artists in her collection was in attendance to display this statue of Isaac Newton which turned out to be a remote controlled robot! It was held aloft by helium balloons in the shape of apples, a nice touch and really set the scene for the night. Lisa has a lot of video art, pieces by Susan Norrie and Ms & Mr were on display. Claire Healey and Sean Cordeiro have a nice piece in the lobby, pulp lack, made from old books and ikea shelves - I think I recognised the shelves but didn't say anything as we are using them as intended rather than as art!

Highlight of the collection (and taking pride of place in its own vestibule with no other art around it) was a glass large cabinet by Fiona Hall that was filled bead sculptures inspired by the Sri Lanka jungle - a contemporary curiosity cabinet.

Testament to how much art was around the house was the fact that even the laundry had a nice piece in it (pictured above, a pirate captain cook). I was actually chuffed to half recognise this artist, Daniel Boyd, as he had something similar with a pirate captain arthur phillip in a recent MCA show.

Points: 3 to Fiona Hall, something to rival the Newcastle Chest. 2 to Daniel Boyd, I'd maybe promote this from the laundry to the kitchen! And I liked the green shoes (maybe a little banking reference?) and so give a point to Robert McPherson. And a big vote of thanks to Lisa, inspirational to see a family living with their art.

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