Thursday, February 9, 2012

Occupy the Future at Cross Arts - 9 February

After stumbling upon Llankelly Place, and taking down a nice lunch at Wilbur's Place (highly recommended), the team checked out The Cross Art Projects space. Their current show, Occupy the Future, has work from four female artists of quite divergent practices. Who would Occupy the podium when the BL points are handed out?

First up was Mini Graff. She, not surprisingly based on her pseudonym, is a graffiti artist. I quite like some of the stuff that these style of artists do when they take the stencils off the wall and put them on paper (and would actually quite like to add a Ha-Ha Ned Kelly to the collection). The 3 prints on offer here were really nice and at $300 a pop for the silkscreen versions (and $75 for the poster version) would be adorning quite a few walls around town. It was hard to split my favourite here, Mini Graff has appropriated a lot of big company branding and the Cadbury / Credulity (pictured above) and Nestle / Naive were both strong. Sarah Goffman's piece great as a gallery installation but the assemblage of cardboard protest signs nailed to the wall raised some conservatorial questions that the 'price on application' may not have answered. Taken together the signs made a great visual piece and I am a fan of text but the anti Wall Street message didn't really appeal to this former US banker. Moving around the room Fiona MacDonald's watercolours of the Occupy protests were quite reserved. All single colour and quite washed out there was a lot of technique on display.

Points: 3 to Mini Graff's Roadhouse works (great title, we love the movie here) and 2 to Sarah Goffman's cardboard sign installation and 1 to Fiona MacDonald for her watercolours.

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