Thursday, June 28, 2012

Criena Court at Robin Gibson, some time in May

Gee time flies.  The team at Big Lamington has been a little pre-occupied with a not so simple development application with our not so friendly council, so hasn't had a ton of time to hit the keyboard in artistic blogging pursuits.  As a result we will have to play a little bit of catch up here.  Will try and stick to the good stuff ...

I've been following Criena's work since seeing her in the 2010 NAS postgrad show.  This is her second show at Robin Gibson which is worth a visit merely to check out a huge grand old terrace house.   This show had a little bit of everything, assemblages, works on paper, some mixed media and a few acrylics on plywood.  Budget friendly too from memory although I seem to have misplaced the room sheet and Robin doesn't give out his prices online (which is fair enough).  I do like her geometric patterns.  You see stuff like this elsewhere but Criena is definitely developing a recognisable style.  More importantly I think these designs could work on a flag and as the Big Lamington HQ may just about to be getting a flagpole (part of the DA referred to above) then I am going to need to commission me some flags to fly on special occasions. Criena, you are on the short list.

Points:  I'll pick something from each category, 3 for geo + landscape (above, I think that would work in flag grade polyester!); 2 for palm springs and 1 for figure + nature 3.

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