Thursday, March 28, 2013

Geoff Dyer at MiCK Gallery - 24 March

Catch up post as I popped into this last weekend and the show ends on April 7 so you have one more week to see these landscapes of Tassie in the flesh before pixels are your next best bet.

Apparently 'no one does moody Tasmanian landscapes quite like Geoff Dyer', or at least thats the drum from this recent blog review that seems like the perfect copy to leave out in the gallery. Maybe too convenient? Well, you do have to hustle these days. Despite my initial scepticism I do tend to agree with the sentiment.  Geoff does indeed do very good Tasmanian landscapes.  But it is that word 'Tasmanian' that I think is a bit constraining.   I realise everyone specialises sooner or later but to me maybe picking Australia's smallest state might just be limiting the market a little.  I mean, I love Tassie, had a great holiday there last year, but probably am happy looking at Tasmanian landscapes rather than buying one. And some of these works are massive (and by virtue of size not cheap either - Grey Light Crater Lake, above, is 120 x 214cm and yours for $28k) and still pungently reeking of oil paint fumes.  I was very glad from an aesthetic as well as budget perspective to see Geoff had included a number of smaller works and various studies (Crater Lake study below, 30 x 60cm is $3k). It was also great to see a few red dots on these as that practice should be encouraged.

Points:  3 points to Lake St Claire (I've not been but the mountain in this visage is quite distinctive). 2 to one of the Crater Lake studies and 1 to the study of Source of the Derwent which was all mood and no landscape!

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