Saturday, July 12, 2014

#FOMO at Artereal - 12 July

So it turns out, courtesy of that new handy little google search bar on the blog, that I haven't been to Artereal gallery for about 7 months. Which seems all the more tardy when you realise I have had a work bought and paid for that they've been waiting for me to pick up!  Sorry about that.  Luckily for me Andrew Frost put this show in his top art things for the weekend in Friday's SMH.  Even luckier it was illustrated with a Liam Benson piece so that caught my eye (image top, 'I know (gold)').  Next stop Rozelle ...

Well, eventually Rozelle.  Given this was a car ride away from Big Lamington HQ I couldn't resist swinging by Damien Minton's space in Redfern as he is in his final few shows before the curtain closes down for good (FOMO for real).  I've gotta say I was really impressed with Blak Douglas' show.  Nice work.  That had me and one of the junior critics in a good mood for Artereal.  For those that came in late, #FOMO is a bit of a internet slang (& acronym) for 'fear of missing out'.  Turns out the term made the oxford dictionary in 2013, although I prefer the urban dictionary myself.  Now not only does #FOMO have Liam Benson, but another Big Lamington favourite in Criena Court.  We've written about her a few times on the blog and I really how her style combines landscape, mirrors and sculpture so creatively.  These were essentially plywood 'books' with a print on one side and a mirror on the other.  Apparently Criena wants the owner to be able to play with the angles over time, essentially creating a new work a day if you felt like it.  From memory these works were also the favourite of my 5 year old son.  Tully Arnot's #FOMO contribution, 'Lonely Sculpture' was a fake finger mounted to an iphone constantly tapping yes on his tinder feed.  Hmmm, some interesting conservation issues here!  When we saw the piece the problem was he'd run out of profiles to swipe yes to on his tinder.  Quick, more single people to Rozelle.  A humorous piece and definitely one I'll be recommending to some single friends who I know are familiar with that app!  My favourite works were definitely Liam's.  These embroderies continue the theme of his last Artereal show, in fact his 'Original (black and white opal)' is just the different coloured version of the work I bought at the last show.  Do I still like it?  Hint: Yes!  These are very striking works, especially for such a small scale (Original is 20cm diameter, I know is 11cm). To me they really showcase the sense of identity that runs through Liam's work.  But hang on.  What is all the #FOMO about?  From a curatorial perspective I could kind of get Tully's tinder, but Liam and Criena's pieces didn't scream social media.  It was then I decided to read the gallery blurb, which is always helpful.  Turns out Artereal are using the 'fear of missing out' in the collecting sense.  In that these are hot emerging artists and you better get in quick.  Okay, now I get it, and I also want it.  A couple of Criena's and a few Liam's please.  So the marketing is working.

Points.  Well, I am going to give Liam the 3, just because these works do live up the hype that has built up in my mind.  Really very original.  They are also very affordable, although it would be nice to see one of these actually framed for sale, would help with trying to visualise it in your home.  2 points to Criena Court for  Proposal #10 (mountain view 3c), its the work pictured middle.  Hard to say where the last point will go.  Can artists experience FOMO for Big Lamington points?  I think given the Sydney art scene will soon be missing out on the Minton gallery that I will give the 1 point to Adam Hill (aka Blak Douglas).  I can't remember the name of my favourite work due to issues with misplacing the room sheet but I did tweet the image ... so obviously start following me on twitter or you will be missing out.  Like, #really.

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