Saturday, May 14, 2011

Samantha Everton at Dickerson Gallery - 14 May

We had seen Fenella check this show out on Art Nation and given the Dickerson Gallery is only a stroll away decided to swing by on our Saturday afternoon walk. Time flies, I can remember seeing Samantha's last show back in April '09 and being impressed - what about the new stuff?

According to the blurb, marionettes (as the show is called) "accesses realms of the uncanny that that Everton calls 'magic realism' ". Okay then. The colours in this show are pretty similar to her last one, except this time the subjects are women instead of girls. They still have this 50's vibe and the sense that Samantha puts in a fair bit of work in the digital darkroom. This series is meant to deal with grown up issues like losing control - the mother of my three kids really related to the images. All of them were about 90cm x 100cm. I liked the easy to comprehend (if a little toppy) pricing system - all 11 images were $4,000 for an edition of 8 and 1 artist proof (you obvioulsly only need to run the colour printer once to check?). This was the show's last week and most images had one or two red dots but Birthday wish (pictured above) had 6 red dots and 2 half dots (which usually means reserved) so you better get in quick if you want the last one. I think you might be able to ask for discount on the others.

Points: 3 to Birthday wish - as much as I don't necessarily like following the crowd I did agree with 6 punters' hard earned that this was the pick of the prints; 2 to Spring passing and 1 to Chameleon. You can see the whole show here and whilst you miss a bit of sense of scale (and the magic realism of being in a gallery) I reckon Samantha is one artist that they could easily do internet sales for.

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