Sunday, October 30, 2011

Woollahra small sculpture prize - 30 October.

Family art outings usually require a bit of a bribe - the great thing about this show is that the family's favourite beach, Redleaf, is just down the steps. So with our bucket and spades, sunscreen and sun hats it was off to the Council to check on our DA and the small sculptures ...

The council building is a bit of a work of art itself, a really stunning setting for this competition that the council has been running for quite a few years. This was a really well run outfit, some child education person had grabbed two of our junior critics for their own little tour with pencils and worksheets as soon as we had walked in. That left the Mrs and I to check out the wares at a leisurely pace. Quite a few familiar names for Big Lamington readers here, Ken + Julia Yonetani, Penny Byrne, Huseyin Sami and Julia DeVille - all with work corresponding to their distinctive styles. The actual winner, Margaret Seymour's Pas de deux' was a tv screen on what looked like a moving trolley. You looked down on it to see feet dancing - it was quite dizzying. I liked the Donna Marcus work called extract, which looked like a sea anemone made out of orange juicers. Another great touch is the Viewers Choice award which the punters get to vote for. Keep your eyes out for the winner here, or vote here for your choice until 6 November.

Points: 3 to Donna Marcus for Extract, this got my vote for the people's choice. 2 to Ken + Julia Yonetani, I really like their work and would gladly have this piece in the house. 1 point to Lisa Roet for the golden ape, I think the curator agreed this should have been displayed a little higher (or I need to be a lot shorter). Special mention to Phil Cooper's mummy style statue which got the Mrs nod in the viewers choice.

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