Friday, October 24, 2014

Big Lamington turns 4!

It was October 24 2010 when I kicked off this blog.  So today the Big Lamington turns 4!  It is interesting to go back to that first post and see if, just like Jon Bon, I've kept the faith.  And for the most part yes.  Unfortunately, there's no gift shop at the Big Lamington yet, so that is one promise that I haven't delivered.  But I promised I'd check out "galleries and museums in and around Sydney with the occasional jaunt to foreign climes".  Let's see.  So far over 250 posts, the lion share of those are Sydney with the National Art School topping the charts with 21 posts.  There's been the trip to Hobart for MONA.  A trip to Brisneyland for GoMA, an extended period in New Zealand and the recent trip to New York to mix things up a little.  So that is the main goal all ticked off.  I hope whoever has stumbled upon this blog has enjoyed some of the posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them.  For me? It is a great way to make me think, at least a little bit, about the art I see.  It is also a great tool for answering the question 'Have I seen that artist before?', thank you handy blogger search function!

Since the get-go I have been handing out points in the footy coach 'best & fairest' style; 3, 2 and 1.  Initially I promised a Big Lamington pewter mug to the artist with the most points.  Well, I thought I should go back and see who has amassed the most points, I won't do the the Dally M round by round scorecard, but I will tweet the top 5 during November.  Better get on twitter, even the Motel Sisters are (pictured above from their MCA performance).

I also wanted to see what others have thought of the blog.  For this I had to swap my strategy of usually stalking artists to actually stalking myself online to see what punters have been saying.  And it was a rewarding bit of research.  I've really enjoyed seeing the Big Lamington name pop up on a few artist CV's - thanks to all (the first time I saw it I felt a tinge of respectability wash over me!).  My favourite Facebook shout out was probably the Nell / Lionel Bawden exchange above, love Nell's work and so am very pleased the Big Lamington is on her radar.  As a fellow Maitlander can you please design a Big Pumpkin for our hometown?  With that background from regional NSW I must say another real highlight was being quoted in the Walgett Daily News! Some extracts below:

So what's in store for the 5th year?  Well more of the same really - random art musings from some semi-anonymous punter with a little bit of spare time.  Hopefully the Sydney art scene continues to be interesting.  I've seen lots of galleries close, lots of galleries open, and even seen some galleries open and close.  I'll still be front and centre at the art school shows which I find so enjoyable and I will still try and call it as I see it.  But I do make this promise.  Tea-towels will be available in the gift shop within 12 months!!

Thanks all for reading.

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  1. Please keep up the good work. I am not too sure about Tom Polo either.