Saturday, October 25, 2014

Paula do Prado at Chasm Gallery - 25 October

What great weather in Sydney.  Quick trip out to Chippendale for me to see Pompom / MOP and also managed to visit Chasm Gallery thanks to some twitter logistics, with the artist Paula do Prado kindly arranging to have the gallery open in the afternoon.

And what a treat it was.  Paula shows primarily down in bleak city (at Gallerysmith) so it is good that she is having a solo show in Sydney (it was back in 2012 that we saw Paula at Cross Arts, time flies!).  This had a little bit of everything.  Some newer work, focusing on masks - both painting, collage and textiles, as well as some older works like her sepia siren series (one of which picked up the 2 points on that last visit and since then joined the Big Lamington collection).  I have to say, I was taken by the textile masks in particular (top and above).  Paula has combined different fabrics and then embellished with paint and some occasionally embroidery details.  Don't mind a bit of text in art and Paula has obliged on roughly half of them. Very tribal / oceanic aesthetic.  Have I mentioned previously I'd love to have a tiki bar? Well these would be great in it!

Points: 5 points in all to the 'Self Portrait as Mask' series.  3 to the image top and then I will give 2 points to the blue.  1 point will go to the Fox collage.  Great work Paula and a pleasure to meet you.

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