Monday, October 1, 2012

Art and about - 1 October

Art and about certainly is a mixed bag.  We packed up the junior critics and went for a look see at a little bit of it over the long weekend.  Here are the findings ...

a. Reko Rennie rocks.  I was actually asked a great question by one of the gallery peeps at SSFA on Saturday about what artist is next on the collecting hit list.  I reckon Reko is right up there.  This work is called 'Always was, always will be' (pictured above) and really shows off his graffiti heritage to great effect.  Loved the bright colours and the diamond pattern and am a sucka for little bit of neon illumination.  
b. The windgrid is kind of interesting, but I think I am missing something if I haven't seen the windwalk?
c. Those banners are pretty cool, what are they doing with them at the end of the show?
d. The raining house smells.  Quite badly.  This was the conclusion of my three year old critic who refused to enter and conducted his review from the door.  His older sister braved the rainy indoors and thought it was a bit silly.  Their top pick from this area was actually the bubble guy busking near the fountain.  I agree, that was art.  This? I am not sure, it got me thinking for one thing.

Points: 3 to Reko.  The more I see of his work the more I like it.  That is a good thing.  I really want one of my walls done like this and will be in touch when I work out which one!  2 for the banners.  Seriously Clover, call me.  I have some propaganda ideas for you.  I will give 1 point to 'I wish you hadn't asked' (that is art name for the raining house by the way) as there was a lot of effort here and that should always be rewarded.

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