Saturday, November 10, 2012

Leila Jeffreys at Tim Olsen - 10 November

So if you saw three junior critics tearing around Leila Jeffrey's new show Biloela on the weekend and squawking like parrots then you witnessed a Big Lamington family art outing in all its glory.  Thankfully we negotiated the sculptures in the main room before getting into the little side room where Leila has her show.  We had seen her at Iain Dawson back in the day with the budgies and now it was time for the cockies.

If you happen to be one of the special people out there you would know that the Big Lamington team has a soft spot for cockatoos.  We had letterpress birth announcements made for each of our 3 junior critics in turn and each had their own cockatoo illustrated by a great artist based in Canberra.  From memory we started with a sulphur crested cockatoo, had a yellow tail black cockatoo and also a palm cockatoo in the mix.  Maybe it is that fond family memory but I really liked those ones the best here.  "Seisa" (pictured top) is a great big photo.  All the images are in the 112 x 90 cm range and these will run you $2k for an edition of 12.  I would love one but thankfully my 2012 budget is gone, as I would've agonised over that price for a photo. I mean it is big, so that gets a check, but that price is also unframed so throw in another couple of hundred for perspex.  Luckily for Leila not many other folks share my qualms about manufactured scarcity and the dilemma of the edition in the digital age as there were plenty of red spots up on the wall.  

Points: 3 to Seisa, 2 to Pete the red tailed black cockatoo (above) and 1 to Slim the sulphur crested cocky.  Nice work Leila.  What about the Iain Dawson diaspora I have seen lately, Troy Emery at Martin Brown, Leila at Tim Olsen, Alun Rhys Jones at MOP. Maybe I need a new label, "iain dawson alumni" ...

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