Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sydney Ball at Sullivan + Strumpf - 17 November

Quick visit to see the latest from the good folks at SSFA.  This show is by the elder statesman of their stable, Syd Ball.  To help me check out the wares I actually had the most junior of critics from my stable, my two year old daughter (who thankfully was not the kid making the racket at the opening).

This was actually a great show for my junior critic.  These works are billed as colour abstractions and colours is what a 2 year old responds to best.  We had a very meaningful discussion about the merits of each respective work, mainly due to the choices of colours (pictured top is #17, a favourite of my junior critic due to the use of pink, green and blue).  I also quite liked them and I reckon they would look great in the home, although there is a lot of opportunity cost here.  Then again, a 5 page CV in a 30 page catalogue book is usually suggestive of some 5 figure price tags.  The best bit for me was actually seeing the backs of these works, I was lucky to get a look after asking about how they were hanging.  It is interesting to see how Syd screws all the panels together with brackets.  I actually reckon there is a separate body of work there for someone documenting the backs of these.  In my mind the only improvement would be in regards naming these works, they are all a number between 12 and 28.  I am not sure if there is any significance there, beyond potentially the order in which they were produced, but I think it is a wasted opportunity.  I definitely subscribe to the Damien Hirst school of coming up with crazy names and just as his spot paintings were all chemicals like LSD think you could give these each a unique name.

Points.  3 to #17, 2 to #15 and 1 to #12.  See what I mean about the numbers?  It's just like ordering at the Chinese just up the road, and if you are interested those numbers would get you a vegetarian laksa, a thom khar gai and a tom yum soup from the thai joint at 5 Ways!

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