Saturday, February 22, 2014

Daisy Chain at Marrickville Garage - 22 February

So turns out Marrickville Garage (web here) is an actual garage.  In the same vein as one of my favourite ever small gallery spaces (the Suite Gallery annexe in Wellington), the team behind Marrickville Garage have repurposed their off street parking into a tiny gallery space with the addition of a few pots of white paint (see below).  I'd heard about this space (and their current show 'Daisy Chain') because I stalk follow one of Maitland's finest exports, Nell, on facebook. She had contributed a couple of small works to the group show (if you follow Nell on facebook you'll see those images, I'll put one on twitter as well - go social media!).  I think the premise was that artists had to invite other artists to submit something.  Liam Benson was listed on their website so I was a little disappointed he was a no show (& I'd schlepped all the way out to Marrickville and the Jets weren't even playing).  Lionel Bawden made up for it with a piece totally removed from his pencil sculptures (image top).  Stood out amongst the mix of works contributed.

Points: well, it was very hard to work out who had contributed what.  Let's face it, a room sheet wouldn't have hurt.  That said Nell, Lionel and Schapylle Scragg made an impact.  I will give Nell the 3 for the repurposed record mailer that I would've loved to take off the wall.  Rainbows are very much favourites of my junior critics.  I'll give Lionel 2 for his cool t-shirt, he could do well with these at Paddo markets!  Schapylle Scragg (not her real name I am guessing) will pick up the 1 point for her portfolio of confronting bogan Australiana.  This place is open the first weekend of every month.  Now if they manage to co-ordinate that with some Newtown home games I might be back ...

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