Thursday, May 15, 2014

Art Truancy: celebrating 20 years of Juxtapoz magazine - 15 May

Bonus art opening on our evening Chelsea stroll, and what a bonus! Juxtapoz magazine is an alternative (I think some might say Lowbrow) contemporary arts magazine and it takes me back - I was a subscriber 10 years ago at grad school!  They are celebrating 20 years in the biz with an exhibition at Jonathan Levine gallery.

Well the perriers were flowing like water and it was a pretty excitable crowd. But then I saw why. They were handing out goodie bags and free mags! And little mini spray paint tins! What about the art? Well quite a few recognisable names to anyone who frequents Outré in Sydney. Shag, Mark Ryden. Tim Biskup. Shepherd Fairey. Just to name a few. I'll post a link on my return but googling 101 skills should be able to locate Jonathan's gallery on the intrawebs. Ditto for the press from the 'poz. It was a great night and I'll have to look up international subs.

Points: I am a going to give 3 to Maya Hayuk whose colourful geometrical works (pic above) really caught the eye, and also featured on the catalogue cover.  2 to Camille Rose Garcia for a great trippy piece. Lastly a point for Mark Ryden (pic middle) whose Wooden Abe could've used a splash more colour and a bit more Masonic imagery to get my juices flowing but did have a pretty sweet custom frame.

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