Friday, May 23, 2014

Other Criteria - 23 May

Last post for now on the NY trip.  I couldn't go past including Damien Hirst's shop, Other Criteria.  Apparently this had just opened in Manhattan so there were a few people coming in for a gawk.  Downstairs was the traditional gallery space where you could buy any of the thousands of prints / editions that Damien has put out.  Seriously, if this guy is really signing everything I am amazed.  Not that I am against anything mind you.  I still like Hirst quite a lot, and one of his skull prints was my first purchase that involved a comma back in the day.

Apart from that there are tchotchke's galore.  Pins, tote bags, t shirts, playing cards you name it, Damo has it.  You get a sense of it here. As gift shops go, you could pick up some ideas from the artist turned retailer.  I went for the kitsch angle, with the iron on spots and a few I (colour spot) DH badges.  In the religious sense that accompanies a lot of Hirst's work I felt it was akin to putting some change on the plate.  Points today are in the retailing sense, keep an eye out for a knock off Big Lamington gift shop, 3 for the key ring, everyone needs a key ring!  2 for the iron on spots.  Loving the iron on and don't know when these will get a use.  I will give 1 to the t-shirts which appropriately appropriated the I (heart) NY.

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