Saturday, June 8, 2013

Criena Court at Artereal - 8 June

A long weekend for all but a quiet Saturday for me as I was joining my Bondi running club's annual overseas tour (to Manly) on the Sunday to punch out 9k on the soft sand.  What better way to get in the zone than by chillaxing at a gallery or two.  With Criena Court in the Project Space it was off to Artereal.

Long time readers may recall Criena scooped the 3 BL points back in November 2010 at the NAS postgrad show (gee time flies).  We've since stalked followed her to Robin Gibson, MOP and now Artereal - and I am still digging the mysterious aesthetic that Criena rocks.  The biggest piece in the show (luna + geo 1, it's to the left in the image above) is a mixed media image on plywood.  The raw finish of the plywood that Criena uses in much of her work is a great contrast to the almost scientific concepts she explores with geometry and the moon images.  I love the pop of fluro pink in proposal 8 (centre plinth, above), and also in the tape used to attach the 'luna hexagon 4' (image top) to the wall (you also get some peeking out from the cardboard behind).  I think mirrors have featured in every body of work I have seen from Criena and there were a couple here, although I found it hard to get the full reflective effect on the sculptures sitting on the mirrors that topped two of the plinths.  The mirror resting against the wall also rang conservatorial alarm bells for those with houses full of junior art critics.  This is a great show and Criena's work is still very affordable so get down here and check it out in person (you will need to as there are no images on the web).  This show runs until 29 June.

Points:  I think Proposal 8 will take the 3 points today. I like the glowing effect that pink perspex gives the plinth and I think these plywood constructions are turning into her signature style.  If I could work out where I would squeeze a plinth in at my place I think I would've called 'yahtzee' on it there and then.  2 points to luna hexagon 4 and 1 point to luna hexagon 3.

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