Saturday, June 1, 2013

Emma Thomson at Galerie Pompom - 1 June

Next up for the Big Lamington editorial team was the quick trip from MOP to Galerie Pompom.  Despite being less than a 5 metre walk my junior critics are always quick to realise the change of scenery and call foul on Dad getting two activities in a row. Luckily for us there was lots to see inside and even a pretty cool cowhide rug on the floor that everyone dived on to to check if it was real.

Emma Thomson's solo exhibition Take your best shot offers so much more than the rather obvious double entendre from the show's title.  This is a series of female hunters from the western plains of NSW, mainly Dubbo.  Emma ran into a little bit of controversy early on as her residency out west was sponsored by the Government and apparently the animal liberationists were up in arms about taxpayers funding the killing of animals.  However, after checking the relevant legislation and realising everything was kosher the fuss really died down.  Which is a shame as this is a great show.  More people should want to come and see this, and controversy often helps.  To me, this show was channeling the Richard Prince Girlfriend series.  A quote about Richard Prince's work is appropriate here, "A lot of great art makes people angry at first.  Richard never made me angry.  But he did shock, he did startle me, and he did make me laugh." Check, check and check.  These hunting ladies aren't meant to represent the girl next door, they actually are the girls next door. Real deal Dubbo chicks. Emma goes a little over the top with the staging in a few of the shots, but all that does for me is evoke an even greater sense of the outrageous in a really (for Dubbo) everyday situation. This is on till 8 June so get down here or at least check out the show online. As per usual the folks from pompom have done a great job with a bang up essay and even an interview with the artist.

Points:  If it were up the kids I think the cowhide rug would've gone close, I think we need one at home.  In terms of the pictures I am going to give the 3 points to Anna (top), 2 points to Katrina (above) and 1 point to Rachel.

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