Sunday, April 28, 2013

Miso at MiCK - 28 April

So it turns out Miso is not Japanese.  Miso is the 'street name' of Stanislava Pinchuk who according to her great little website was born in 1988 in the Ukraine and now lives and works in Melbourne.  Her solo show 'Everywhere I have ever been' is on at MiCK until 5 May so get along and see these pricks.

That's right these images are pin pricks on paper. A really neat and clever method which is akin to drawing for me (and I might be so bold as to steal the technique and try it on at the easter show!).  Being pin pricks on white paper, in a white gallery gave the whole affair a very minimalist feel.  You had to really get up close to see the detail and depending on your viewing height the image was either very pale or clear (the angles affected the shadows of the pin pricks).  These works have as their basis the city grids from each of the cities Stanislava has been to recently, Paris, Sydney, LA, New York, Sheffield (? maybe's she's a Sheffield Wednesday fan!), Kiev, Tokyo etc. The works ranged from $1400 for a smaller (40 x 29cm) work, through $2,500 for the mid sized (78 x 58 cm) ones through to $5,000 for the large moons (150 x 110cm).  I really liked the works (no surprise as I love maps) and would've happily taken one home although the Feds aren't the only ones with budget pressures at the moment! I will just have to wait until Art Collector magazine lets me do some fictional shopping through the stock rooms to pick one up.

Points.  3 points will have to go to a moon.  Given I lived there for a number of years I will take 'Moon (New York)' (pictured top).  You can't really see it well but Miso does the moon and then the details on the moon are bits of the NYC street grid.  You can see Soho etc.  2 points will go to the 'Arrows (Sheffield)' and 1 point for the Bee (Vienna).  To see more images go here.  Miso has even got a purpose built website just for this show.  Great work there.

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  1. What a fantastic and entertaining review! Glad you enjoyed the show and we hope to meet you next time you come into the gallery! Much appreciation from all of us @ MiCK!