Sunday, October 24, 2010

Start baking ...

Welcome to the Big Lamington! Tea towels will be available in the gift shop shortly. For now it's just a blog but when my powerball ticket hits it will be built in the style of the Big Prawn (ie all shiny and fibreglass) somewhere - maybe Prada Marfa style in the middle of nowhere or perhaps Waterloo if I follow all the other Sydney commercial galleries in flocking to Sydney's inner south.

While I am waiting for my lucky numbers to come up I'll be checking out the galleries and museums in and around Sydney with the occasional jaunt to foreign climes. The criticism and reviews presented herein are my own and my taste in art is probably best described as 'all over the shop' so I encourage everyone not to take just my word for it but to get out and have a look see at the shows for yourself.

To go with my 'rugby match report' writing style and to keep it interesting I'll be handing out the points for each exhibition footy coach best & fairest style - 3, 2 and 1. Maybe the artist with the most points will get a big lamington pewter mug at the end of season award night (as Australia needs more arts awards!)

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  1. Hi Just wanted to drop you a note that I really enjoy your blog. I do not get around to as many exhibitions as I used though I still keep up with favorite galleries etc on line. All the Best Miranda Man