Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jasper Knight at Gallery Ecosse - 19 February

Gallery Ecosse? Exeter? The whole Big Lamington team was in the Southern Highlands this Saturday. Scouting for a potential holiday home, making a huge mess at the General Store and then trying to give Daddy a headache on the way home. For a moment of peace we nipped across to check out Exeter's premier (and only) gallery. My opinion of Exeter rose immediately. Ecosse is the real deal, with prices to match. Jasper Knight is currently showing Metal on Metal there until 5 March.

The whole family (well, everyone who can speak, so 4 out of 5) liked the playful nature and fun subject matter of Jasper's show. Jasper, an artist based in Sydney, played to a bit of a parochial theme with lots of tractors, steam trains and local landmarks. This had been open a couple of weeks and has mostly sold out so he really hit his mark but I couldn't tell if works such as Exeter Station and Bundanoon Station were really sincere or just a sharp way to make some sales to the cashed up locals.

My wife liked the tractors, I liked what they did to their garage (making it the gallery annex) and my son and oldest daughter preferred the steam train. If we did have a house down there would I want a picture of my local train station or even Berrima Courthouse? Probably not. But we would like a tractor!

Points - 3 for the tractor, 2 for the trains and 1 for the gallerists behind Ecosse - a great idea to take the gallery well out of Paddington and much further south than Waterloo!

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