Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Akira Kamada at Gallery @ 28 - 6 April

Gallery @ 28 (which would likely have to do a rebranding exercise if they ever left 28 Queen street) always has something interesting in their front courtyard and their latest show is no different. I saw it being installed on my way to work on Monday so decided to see the show when it opened Wednesday evening.

Akira Kamada is a sculptor that has been a finalist in the Woollahra small sculpture prize and also exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea so his pieces really run the gamut of size and this extends to his prices. The piece out front is called "Chaos and harmony" and is pretty big, which probably means on a cubic foot basis it is the bargain of the show at $13k! It is basically similar in design to what he had at Sculpture by the sea although this time he has painted the inside of the large wooden frames orange. It was this basic shape that appealed to me out of all his smaller works, mostly called "Constructions". These range from $500 for raw wood up to $2,000 for a painted work with lots more frames ("Shape of love"). The gallery had them hanging on walls or sitting on benches but I think they missed a great opportunity to take a leaf out of Sarah Cottier's book and hang some of these from the ceiling as mobiles! I think that is what we would do here if we brought one home. The balance of the show didn't really appeal but finding one thing is usually enough to bring me back.

Points: 3 - the big one, if I had the space or the country place I'd definitely consider it; 2 points for construction (orange) and 1 point for construction (green), I preferred them with a bit of colour and it will be interesting to pop in and see what sells.

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