Saturday, February 25, 2012

Masculin / Feminin (part I) at Sarah Cottier - 25 February

It is still group show seaon at Sarah Cottier. I like how she always puts a little spin on that format. The masculin / feminin theme sees the gallery's stable split into girls and boys. In a somewhat old fashioned sense the chicks get to go first and then the blokes will take over in late March. This was a quick visit as I always seem to get the raw end of the gallery / playground equation. My 4 year old was keen to pick out her favourites before heading up the road to the Dillon Street playground (which is much nicer since they removed that heritage fig from the Scottish Hospital). On to the points ...

Points: 3 for Sandra Selig's Behind your eyes. This is a pretty impressive string installation that a photo won't do it justice to, so swing by and check it out. I like the thought of a smaller version in the house but I bet it is a bugger to dust. We will give 2 for Gemma Smith's Tight Tangle (pictured), $10k and its yours. For budgetary reasons I'll have to make do with getting my daughter's version. The last point will go to Maria Cruz whose small set of geometric works caught our eye on the way out.

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