Thursday, March 15, 2012

Laith McGregor at Sullivan + Strumpf - 15 March

It is Art Month so that means some sponsored art bars. That means a lot of friends actually volunteering to come out to the galleries with me. I toured out to Zetland this evening with a couple of the usual suspects to check out the Laith McGregor show "Unpronounceable" (sorry, "Ohne Titel", which I gather is foreign for "untitled") ...

I usually associate being at a gallery at night with an opening. However, this show was in its last few days and everything had sold. A good result for the gallery but probably a wasted merchandising opportunity, especially seeing Laith's prices are still quite affordable for the younger collector. I really prefer Laith's drawings to his paintings so spent a bit of time upstairs where the star of the show was this ping pong table that had a very large scale drawing attached. Apparently it was a years worth of doodling. It still had the service lines mostly showing although it would've been a tough call in some spots. At $26k it is expensive for a ping pong table but probably cheap for the size of the art work. I did hear that it doesn't play too well as the glass isn't fully attached (maybe the next generation table will have improved playability). I quite liked This is the End but really missed the biro beards from his last show. Of the paintings I think Drunken Boat was the pick here, he does do smoke quite well and at last, some beards! All in all a good show and a great night.

Points - 3 for the Ping Pong table. 2 for the Drunken Boat and 1 for the Golden Pide. That last one isn't a work but a former local of mine in Surry Hills. Pascale swung the Alfa round here for a cheeky kebab on the way home to soak up all that free beer courtesy of Audi (and no that is not a paid reference, we haven't sold out ... yet)

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