Friday, August 3, 2012

Hijacked III at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Photography - 3 August

ACP has a pretty decent photo exhibition which is on show until Sunday. So get in quick.  The show's premise is a survey of UK and Australian artists which to me sounds like the curators ring up a haphazard cast of characters to see whose works they can get their hands on.  It works. And pretty well too, but I had the nagging feeling I could've spent 10 minutes on the intrawebs and come up with a dozen different names that would've fitted just as easily.

I am not usually one for following UK artists as my tastes are quite parochial (although with an english wife you'll find a few UK artists sneak in the collection) so I was surprised I did actually recognise one of the pomgolian artists, Sarah Pickering.  Sarah does these photos of explosions that she mocks up and I am not sure what she wants the works to mean but I think they look great.  Then again I was on disciplinary probation at uni for a fireworks related incident so I love me a bit of gunpowder.  I think Sarah has shown in New York a few times at Aperture or ICP and I think I was close to picking up one of her works back in the day.  The picture at top is "Landmine" but you can check out her portfolio on her website here.  Now what about those good old Aussie artists. Christian Thompon, tick; Bindi Cole, tick; Petrina Hicks, tick; Tony Albert, tick; Tracey Moffatt, tick.  Okay, quite a few of the usual suspects accounted for.  I do like Christian Thompson's stuff although his 'King Billy' was a little too spooky looking for me (he definitely wouldn't be able to sit near an unaccompanied minor on a plane).  Bindi Cole's work on Sistagirls is interesting from a social sense but I feel the images are a little too fashion mag editorial.  Tony Albert's no place photos of people wearing mexican wrestling masks look good en masse and printed out really big, which is a truism for photography and how I would present a work if asked!

Points:  I will give Sarah Pickering the 3 for the explosions. Tony Albert, who it feels like I have been stalking recently, will get the 2 and I will give 1 point to Luke Stephenson for his bird snaps, which could've been much bigger (didn't he see those budgies at Iain Dawson?).

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