Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunny and Hilly at Minerva Gallery - 22 February

New year, new galleries.  There's been a bit of noise about a few galleries closing recently but a lot of news on new ones opening.  One new gallery in the Cross Elizabeth Bay, is Minerva Gallery.  This space has taken over the old James Dorahy Project Space.  To me, Minerva seemed to blur the line between artist run space and commercial gallery.  But they are just getting started so it will be interesting to see how it evolves.  Their first show, fittingly, is a group one.  Showcasing all the artists that will be getting a solo gig at some time over 2014/15.

I swung by mainly to check out a firm favourite of Big Lamington in Jonny Niesche.  His signature glitter work ('Her love sticking out like stars', image below) couldn't be missed.  The install was a little questionable, sitting precariously in a pile of recycling right by the front door.  Lucky it wasn't council clean-up day or I might have swiped it!  In the main room you also couldn't miss Hany Armanious' adhesive vinyl installation (it was untitled but spelt out 'Eggs').  This was a massive 1,140 x 330 cm.  Helpfully the gallery sheet noted that the work can be scaled to any size which will determine price.  I like the way Hany does business, what can I get for a pineapple? In the middle room I quite liked the cut of James Deutsher's gig.  He had two works, 'North West' in iron and 'Red Nation (I can't tell you what's good but I can tell you what's not)', combined image above.  I quite liked the explanation of the dimensions of these works in the room sheet.  The iron sign was based on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian foot length (and for those that don't keep up with the gossip rags, North is their spawn).  The Red Nation was "Kirsten Stewart standing height x Dries Van Noten medium scarf".  This work made me deeply think ... gee, she's short.

Points: hmmm, I think Jonny will take another 3 for the glitter (above).  I'd really like one of these but I am running out of wall space at HQ so friends and family will be getting recommendations here.  I am going to give 2 points to James' Red Nation, which I thought was a clever way to get a fairly minimalist sculpture to comment on celebrity / consumer culture.  1 point will go to Jonny's 'Untitled' (top).  I've seen a few of these mirrored works of Jonny's now and they are starting to grow on me.  His solo show at Minerva is slated for March/April.  Get along and check it out.

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