Thursday, March 6, 2014

Collector's Space - 6 March

One of my favourite shows from last years Art Month Sydney, Collector's Space (read 2013 here), is back for 2014.  It is bigger (?) and better than last year.  Or at least better located, this is on William Street.  On the way from the City to the Cross - what more could you want?  Featured collectors this year include established collectors Andrew & Cathy Cameron, curatorial power couple Lisa Havilah & Glenn Barkley, youngish collectors James Roland & Becky Sparks, eastern suburbs brick pimp Gary Sands and an anonymous arts industry professional.

Thankfully most of the works are grouped together so you can get a sense of each collector(s) style.  I was very interested in the works that the young guns had collected.  I think these guys were described as being in their 30s in the AFR weekend article I read.  I nearly choked on my coco pops, as I was at uni at the same time as James (different college though), and if he is in his 30s he don't have very long left.  But then again, neither do I!  James and Becky are passionate about supporting young emerging artists and I am right with them on this.  What I liked best about their collection was that they collected 'big' pieces.  The Marco Fusinato was a massive 4 panel install.  I also liked that James had used a small inheritance to buy a piece of art to remember his grandmother as both my wife and I have done similar. I really liked their Christian Thompson photo (this pic, 'howl for your troubles' picked up my 2 points at the 2011 Blake Prize!) and their Nell enamel on pine that dominate the entrance of the space (photo above).  Moving round the room I started noticing the double ups of certain artists across collections .... 2 x Ben Quilty's, 2 x Nell, and 2 x Brook Andrew.  The Cameron's had one of each of those (their Nell and Brook Andrew are pictured top).  Nell's signature style appeals to me and I would love to add a ghost to my mantelpiece, especially with its phantom like name.  Gary Sands was another who collected big works and I liked his Lynne Roberts-Goodwin photo 'frankincense highway'.  Glenn and Lisa were a couple after my own heart as, like me, they seem to have a collection of lots of little bits.  A small Tom Polo here, a medium sized David Griggs there.  I really liked their Brook Andrew cardboard boxes but found the little cabinet up front particularly interesting.  Stuffed full of miniatures from Esme Timbery, Louise Weaver, Noel McKenna and others.  I will have to come back and take another look.  Agatha Gothe-Snapes' assorted badges (pic below) was my pick from it with their retro, almost easter show like aesthetic.  I will be back for some of the up coming art talks here, check out more Art Month info here.  See you there.

Points:  it's a tough one today as it was a very, very eclectic little show.  I am going to give the points for the works I would most like to have in the Big Lamington collection.  So it will be 3 to Nell for the Ghost Who Walks in bronze.  2 points again for Christian Thompson.  I remember reading some funny advice for photographers selling their works, if you can't make it big make it red and if you can make it big and red even better.  Christian ticks both those boxes here and it does stand out.   Agatha Gothe-Snape will take the 1 point for the badges.  Highly commended's to all those collectors who took part.

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