Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Groups Who at Roslyn Oxley9 - 19 January

Summer group show season continues at Roslyn Oxley today with their 'Groups Who' exhibit running until 4 February. So who is in this group ...

We liked the TV Moore photos, these were very bright and detailed c-prints of abstract paintings. It took a little while to work out they were actually photos (unless you are the type that instantly refers to the room sheet at every stop!). I was impressed by the price tag on the Rosalie Gascoigne works, $200k would give me a couple of decades collecting at my current rate so I'll let someone else pick up those recycled corrugated iron panels. I liked both Nell's contributions. We had neon on the mind so was interested to see you could get a piece for about $2.5k (if you move quickly, editions 4 and 5 go to $3.5k - I will really never understand edition pricing). Her big wooden ghost panel (213 x 228cm) was also pretty striking. Glenn Sorensen's works didn't grab my attention but the prices in euros certainly did (his weren't the only works not in AUD at this show). Now I realise that might conjure up some glamour to a prospective purchaser but to anyone with a passing interest in finance it says "wait, these will get cheaper"!! Last highlight was Imant Tiller's two contributions which were pretty difficult to separate (indeed called the path of luck, I and II).

Points, 3 to Nell's neon drip (above), quite a cool piece. I think it is similar to a piece in an office in Sydney that I have been meaning to go see. 2 to TV Moore for his 'Colour, Drunks and Ritalin' and 1 point to Nell's big ghost piece. These are growing on me the more I see them but my kids are dead set scared of them (which is why we ended up with the happy christmas ornaments she made, but that is another story ...)

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