Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Show 2012: 5 - 18 April

It is art prize season at the moment in Sydney. But before we go and check out the Archibald we have an even more important contest to review, yes it's the Easter Show! It is the last day tomorrow so if you haven't made it to the show yet now is your last chance. I think the post on this last year gave a good summary on the longevity of this contest so maybe refresh your memory and then we will dive right into the points. But first some answers to all the big questions:
Q. Are lamingtons involved?
A. Yes. Both in the perishable cooking category (class 372) and in the print making (class 8).
Q. Did anyone from Big Lamington enter?
A. You bet. And quite a few categories as well (including the two above).
Q. Any ribbons?
A. Yes! Although sadly no blue ribbons this year we did manage a 2nd in the preserves and a highly commended in the arts.
Points - 3 points to Michael Lodge who took out the figurative category (class 4) with his Man from Snowy River (pictured above). A nice 'over & under' framing approach although, as with shotguns, I'd probably like this better 'side by side'. Not only did Michael get the blue ribbon in his category (and the 3 points here) but he managed to get one of those special purple ribbons of excellence handed out by very special show people. 2 points to Ken Dessaix for his untitled in the drawing category (class 7), he got a red ribbon from the RAS to go with those BL points. 1 point has to go to the lamingtons in the print category which were sadly overlooked by the judges but did get the tick of approval from an RAS councillor I spoke with on the opening night. Again a really interesting and diverse show (but I think that should be expected from amateur artists). In the spirit of the show I would 'highly recommend' going out to the arts preview they have before the show itself opens. A nice way to see the arts and crafts without the need to spend $150+ on ride tokens for the kids, which we did later anyway!

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