Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Shock of the Now (with apologies to Robert Hughes)

So astute readers (my mum mainly) will notice that it occasionally takes a few days for editors of Big Lamington to get around to posting about a show.  Given we actually visit more galleries than we have time to blog about (blame apathy or three kids aged 4 and under) we thought another technology (in addition to the relatively user friendly would be helpful.

So to scratch my art critic itch in an instant Big Lamington has joined twitter.  Yes folks, you will now be able to get my barely informed opinions in 140 words or less in real time.  Don't ask me how to actually read these tweets, that is what the intrawebs is for.  If you manage to work that out, then try and find "@BigLamington".  Armed with my tweetbox and a couple of rugrats I think we might even check out a gallery or two this afternoon ...

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