Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jasper Knight at Chalk Horse - 7 May

The team had seen a Jasper Knight show in February, he has a piece in the Wynne and now he has another solo show at Chalk Horse in May. How do you spell prolific? This was called the Sydney Boat Show and not surprisingly all seven works were boats. This was my first Chalk Horse show and I think their new space is great and very compact - a converted receiving dock with a little wall space on street space and a little bit more up on the dock level.

Of the 7 works in the show there were 3 pretty big pieces which included the replica Endeavour sailing ship, the Arctic P (the Packer family's converted icebreaker) and a scene from a small Victorian fishing village. These 150 x 200cm works were priced at $20k. There were 4 smaller works which were on cardboard and I think these were $3.5k each. We were there on Saturday (this had opened on Thursday night) and six red dots were already up with only one of the smaller works available. Nice result for Jasper - keep cranking these out. We liked the boats but still think a piece of farm machinery is at the top of our Knight wish list.

Points: I am going to stump for all the big ones as they really make an impact - they were the favourites with the kids as well. 3 points to the Arctic P - really good story behind this boat. 2 to Port Albert - probably the most colourful (pictured) but where is Port Albert again? 1 to the Endeavour replica, maybe whoever bought Ben Quilty's Captain Cook bought this as a companion piece.

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