Sunday, May 29, 2011

MOP projects - 29 May

It was a car free day at Centennial and given my car was full of kids and stale bread we were headed over to Victoria Park near Sydney uni to feed some ducks. But not before a little pit stop at MOP projects to check out their current show ...

'When good curators go bad' starts with the premise that they would get some art world administrators who had fine art backgrounds but who hadn't worked as an artist for 5 years to make some stuff for a group show. I was actually pretty intrigued by the concept. This was supposed to 'open up a dialogue with the past to question what is an artist and how it is defined in today's society'. Which I'm not really buying. If you didn't know who these people are (and I must confess I don't know who most of these jokers are) you would just think you have walked into a really ordinary group show. Lisa Havilah had a funny piece I liked, 'I'm with stupid', but then again I go for text works. My kids liked Bec Dean's karaoke video, especially as their were two headphones to hear the track. Adam Hollingworth and Sophie Kouyoumdjian's photos with neon over stovetops wasn't too bad but the rest was pretty random - I think I could've slipped something in here without anyone noticing. But then again my work always questions what it is not to be an artist. In the next room was another video installation - Jodie Whalan's 60 kilograms. In the bit I saw she was getting a tough sticker (aka a tattoo) on the back of her neck with her target weight - 60 kgs ... okay then, whats on deck for the next trick? No images as MOP don't want to scare you away and the gallery assistant was watching my troop like a hawk as there were a couple of installations that looked at risk to a couple of toddlers racing around the space.

Points - 3 to Lisa, 2 to Bec and 1 to Adam and Sophia. The ducks were much better.

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