Thursday, October 11, 2012

Twoone at Mick - 11 October

I do like getting to an opening when I can and loving a bit of street art I figured I would check out the latest in the very long (and growing by the day, did anyone watch that crazy abc doco on that melbourne cat who thought he was god's gift to painting?) of street artists to hit the fine art gallery space.

Twoone is Hiroyasu Tsuri's street art name.  You know given it is a gallery shouldn't it be Hiroyasu Tsuri (Twoone) and not the other way around?  Helpfully, MiCK informs us that is work is "informed by the Nietzshean dichotomy and Western psychology synthesised with Zen philosophy and aesthetics".  Really? Well I quite liked the skulls, and the skeleton. And he had quite a thing going with animals, yaks and whales and birds everywhere.  Shame he didn't enter the Sulman last year as Richard Bell would've gone for this stuff.  Anyway, one of the reasons you go to an opening is to earbash the artist of the moment. My questioning involved technique and what his favourite work was.  It was interesting to learn about how hiroyasu (sorry, I just cant call someone two one, I am just not that street) layers the papers for his work and then does spray and acrylics and watercolours.  Also interesting was the fact that his favourite work is always the last he has done in a show, something about the feeling from finishing a body of work.  In this case it was the whale that was the last completed here and so by default his favourite.  Not a bad way of looking at things.  This bloke may yet get to judge the Sulman ...

Points:  I am going to get all memento mori here, 3 for the watercolour skeleton ('King of the Journey', pictured on top), 2 for the skull ('drink more milk and get stronger' - does hiro read phantom comics? that would be a big plus by the way) and finally 1 point for the owl. And it didn't look anything like a Joshua Yeldham because I have heard artist say they hate it when you say their work reminds you of someone else.  

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