Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize - 27 October

Wanting to see where my council rates end up I always get along to check out the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize.  This exhibition just opened today (yay, a timely post) so get down and check it out yourself - it is open until 11 November.  

So what is small anyway?  Well Woollahra says that "entries should not exceed 80cm in any dimension".  I will bring my tape measure next year.  I was hoping to see some familiar names but there were a few more unknowns (to me at least) this year.  I did recognise Maria Fernando Cardoso, Rodney Pople and Sherrie Knipe but everyone else will be a google affair.  There was a healthy mix of found object assemblages (something I always fancy myself having a crack at) to more refined production techniques in ceramics, glass and metal.  The winner was Thor Beowulf (really, that is his name) whose work "the carbon credit machine" was a bit of a steampunkesque piece that even incorporated a real bonsai plant.  Upon googling Mr Beowulf he is the proprietor of the bonsai shop on Queen Street!  Nice work, I have been there and good to see the money going to a local ratepaying business.  Fresh from seeing a pile of peanuts at the MCA more nuts were on show here, Julian di Martino's "do try the walnuts" (pictured top) will be hard to forget.  There is a people's choice award so without further ado let's reveal the winner of the Big Lamington prize ...

Points:  3 points for the nuts.  This really grew on me, and I am going to give it my peoples choice vote, you can vote online here. 2 points to Janet Parker-Smith for 'we are all earthly creatures' (pictured middle). 1 point for the Jeff Koons ripoff pony by Petra Svoboda ('Show pony', pictured above).  Also highly commended were the milkshakes, burgers and bacon & egg rolls at the Redleaf cafe!

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