Saturday, November 24, 2012

Del Kathryn Barton at Roslyn Oxley - 24 November

Del Kathryn Barton's latest show was closing on the 24th and seeing how DKB is at the top of my better half's wish list we swung past for a quick look.

As you can see from the images it is pretty much genitalia close-ups in watercolour.  It works out to $5k for each organ, sold in groups of 2s, 3s and 6s.  Unlike her last show which could've sold out multiple times there is not a single red dot in sight.  Take that allegations of commercialism! (although I am sure her new book will be a big stocking stuffer this Chrissy)  I am not surprised by the lack of sales. I am pretty sure I would not want a watercolour of someone else's erection in my house, and I am not entirely sure the Mrs would be comfortable with me sitting for Del with a raging one either.  On the whole the most surprising thing for me was that there wasn't some other purpose for this group of work (some art prize or commission etc).  As a solo show it was pretty small and I have been to a few group exhibitions recently where these works would've fitted right in (Sexes or the even the Blake prize - there is a spiritual angle here, in the fertility sense that del often evokes).  All in all this is one of those shows we should've seen on opening night as I needed to hear the accompanying spiel to understand where the artist is heading (I think we had a clash with FONAS).

Points: 3 to 'go me true' (excerpt of 1 of the 6 pictured top), 2 to 'the fountain of him' (pictured above) and 1 to 'more the him'.  The sculpture I just had no idea about.  Also a highly commended to twitter which is the only source of review I had for this going in, one arty type I followed declared herself 'whelmed' by the show.  I take that as neutral (neither under or over) and I think I am in the same camp.

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