Thursday, May 15, 2014

Insider Art Fair (aka Mark Flood at Zach Feuer Gallery) - 15 May

I didn't really know what to think of the Insider Art Fair.  Helpfully, I read this article after visiting, titled "Did Mark Flood just come up with the solution to the art worlds problems, or is he just another hack?".

The Big Lamington, with our parochial focus of recent years on Australian contemporary arts had helpfully never heard of Mark Flood.  So was blissfully unaware of any hype.  So we approached it eyes wide open and despite liking quite a few things probably think he is a hack.  Don't get me wrong.  A very savvy hack no doubt but a hack nonetheless.  That is a little playa hater of me as I'd love to be a savvy hack but hey hypocrisy is everywhere.  Maybe that is the point Flood is trying to make!  The show itself was pretty random.  A big black stripper dancing on a stage, a pile of fake bills at the door, bad lighting.  It had it all!

Points:  I loved his card pyramids.  Tony Albert snap!  As an aside, everyone should follow 'who wore it better' on twitter which posts artists rocking identical works!  Mark needs to learn about the aluminium frames that Tony uses to make these ace of spades stand a little better, 3 points.  The old philatelist in me liked his classic 'biplane jenny' stamp updated for a drone (top), 2 points.  He also has an upside down version for the rarer stamp.  As a former banker I will give 1 point to the logos (middle).  Wish he went old school and put in a Bear Stearns ...

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