Saturday, May 10, 2014

New York tour - May 2014

Okay punters, stay tuned for a few updates from the northern hemisphere.  Under the cover of a university reunion (Ivy League baby, you just knew that's how the Big Lamington rolled!) we have left the junior critics back in Sydney whilst taking a well deserved break.  Some break, there is so much art to see and not all that long to do it!  So tee up Hova's Empire State of Mind and let's get into it ...

We got started the first night in. Battling jetlag and a skinful of margaritas we set off to check out old haunt Lever House, an office building on Park Ave that always has a show on. At present it is Urs Fischer.  He presents a series of two dimensional mirrored sculptures (see above, Kikkoman sauce bottle). There were all manner of mundane items transformed into a super flat 3D layout. These are scattered all over the place. According to the accompanying room sheet "Fischer's choice of objects is as random as their placement, and they do not suggest any narrative or socio-political statement". Phew, and I thought I might have missed something.  If Urs is going for random he has really nailed it. That said, I didn't mind some of them. So deliberately arty. On the way back to our apartment we walked by the Seagram Building where Jeff Koons works adorn the lobby (pictured top). I love how the corporate offices get in on the act in NY (although 375 Park Ave is one of the more prestigious addresses). I'd love to see a Koons every day. Hey maybe our landlords could pick up the Popeye going to auction next week ...

Points. I'm giving Jeff the 3 points to kick things off. I'm a big fan of his and of lobsters so that works doubly well. Urs will pick up the balance. 2 points for the honey jar and 1 for the chess piece.

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